Monday, March 4, 2013


Heart Connections Reconnected

There are just some things in life that are true and constant and cannot be altered nor diminished with time and distance. I experienced such a truth this past weekend when I spent time with my best friend from second grade. Susan and I found one another when we were 7 years old. Moving from Nashville, TN to the small town of Springfield, TN knowing no one, I was at the mercy of every undesirable childhood emotion. While I cannot remember the exact moment of meeting Susan, I know it was significant because life changed in a very good way. I had a best friend!
My world expanded because of my friendship with 7 year old Susan…horseback riding, stories of the southern Confederacy, railroad tracks and her granny’s garden. Our everyday friendship changed when my family and I moved out of the state 6 years later. The friendship was alive yet dormant for oh, so many years. So, 38 1/2 years later, little girl hearts remembered and recognized their connection as though it were truly yesterday.
I realized that a childhood friendship is the purest form of attraction and love. Two innocent children chose one another for no other reason than an unspoken yet very real connection of kindred spirit-ship. No biases, no judgments, no political leanings, no religious, social or racial prejudices touched or colored our choosing each other.
What a wonderful world it was…and the frienship blossoms again.

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