Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I would like to welcome you to my new Gypsy Bee Scribe Blog page. It is a new look for me and I am proud that I can share it with you. Please feel free to look around and tell me what you think. Oh and I am developing a new Gypsy Bee website too Click Here to take a look. Enjoy and drop back by often....

Monday, March 4, 2013



Moving Day

It was a beautiful day for a move, and the Gypsy Bees were a-buzz with excitement. They love their new home, with all its “previously owned” character.

Bees enjoying outdoor dining!

Gypsy Bee Feeding Frenzy
The new hives have been installed. We accomplished a split from a very strong existing hive and we are overseeing what appears to be 5 very active and growing colonies! Bon Appetit

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The Gypsy Bees are gearing up for a big season of making honey for the world’s most luxurious soap. Check back often for bee updates!


Heart Connections Reconnected

There are just some things in life that are true and constant and cannot be altered nor diminished with time and distance. I experienced such a truth this past weekend when I spent time with my best friend from second grade. Susan and I found one another when we were 7 years old. Moving from Nashville, TN to the small town of Springfield, TN knowing no one, I was at the mercy of every undesirable childhood emotion. While I cannot remember the exact moment of meeting Susan, I know it was significant because life changed in a very good way. I had a best friend!
My world expanded because of my friendship with 7 year old Susan…horseback riding, stories of the southern Confederacy, railroad tracks and her granny’s garden. Our everyday friendship changed when my family and I moved out of the state 6 years later. The friendship was alive yet dormant for oh, so many years. So, 38 1/2 years later, little girl hearts remembered and recognized their connection as though it were truly yesterday.
I realized that a childhood friendship is the purest form of attraction and love. Two innocent children chose one another for no other reason than an unspoken yet very real connection of kindred spirit-ship. No biases, no judgments, no political leanings, no religious, social or racial prejudices touched or colored our choosing each other.
What a wonderful world it was…and the frienship blossoms again.


A Winter Retreat ~ it’s not as it appears

Winter HivesThis past Sunday was a sunny yet bone-chilling day and while walking through the field to check on the hives I could not help but think that human and insect species share more than a few similarities.
It is during the darkening days and dropping temperatures that I am more inclined to retreat and sit by the fire, think about a future that promises warmer days and shorter nights, and generally feel unproductive. Curiously inspecting the bee hives I was reminded that while I see absolutely no outward activity those creatures are most certainly engaged.
The bees cluster tightly to maintain a temperature hovering near 70 degrees in these subfreezing days and nights. Sometimes survival in challenging circumstances requires great exertion although invisible to the world around us. Perhaps you occasionally find yourself in that “winter state of survival”. I know that I do. My personal challenge is to allow that natural and basic instinct to fulfill its need, do the necessary emotional work to survive those dark spaces and believe with assurance that warmer days are on the way!
Bees ~ life-skills instructors extraordinaire!


Buttermilk, Oatmeal and Honey

This one soap recipe is at the very heart of Gypsy Bee Natural Soap Company. It’s all natural ingredients provide a luxurious blend of gentle cleansing, moisturization and exfoliation. I’ve used nothing but this soap for my face since 2005! I encourage you to experience this soap even for the most sensitive skin types. It has no added fragrances.
Nutrition for your face
Honey from my hives in the mountains of Western North Carolina